Nuru Massage

Nuru is an amazing massage experience. Once exclusive to the east, it is now offered as an upscale massage. A nuru session starts with a soapy massage while the Nuru gel is heating. This is a more authentic experience. By the way, NURU means 'slippery' in Japanese and the NURU gel offers an incredible experience that will awaken sensations all over your body.

You may have seen or heard of this type of massage before. If you have not ever trued it, we highly recommend the experience. Imagine having you body slide against the body if a beautiful naked young woman, lubricated and wet... Imagine the sound of moaning coming from both of you, as you both enjoy the sweetness of sliding your bodies against each other. Hot... Sexy... And wet. There is nothing like it!

Obviously a Nuru massage is going to cost a little more than your regular massage. There is much more involved. More time, more preparing. And more cleaning up afterwards too. For both of you! This type of massage will generally extend for an hour and a half or more and include in a mutual shower to cleanse yourselves of the Nuru gel. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready! Maybe even ready for more!

Tantric Massage

Tantric is another incredible massage to experience. Again, once exclusively available in the east, tantra has become much more widely praticed throughout the world. A tantric massage is one in which the goal is to build tension and excitement and to withhold release as long as possible. As practiced in places like India, tantra is an accepted way to attain amazing states of awareness and bliss.

We offer tantric massage at Las Vegas Massage XXX as an upscale and extended experience. You and your massuese will both begin naked. You will be covered in exotic oils and titilated for a long period of time. The point of this massage is to raise your level of excitement, so this one may take some time. Your massuese is well experienced and knows exactly how to raise your excitement to incredible levels.

If you have not experienced and tantric massage before, this may quickly become your favorite. Don't be suprised if you find yourself coming back for this one again and again. And don't be surprised if you find that you massuese has become as excited as you are. It is not uncommon for both of you to need some relief at the end of this one!

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